7 Built-in-melodies

7 Built-in-melodies

Electronic Music Neck Tie
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Electronic Music Neck Tie Factory in China Wholesales Electronic Music Neck Tie, Saxophone Mode and Melody Mode, 7 Built-in-melodies, Touch Sensitive.

Playable Music Necktie
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Playable Music Necktie Company in China Provides Playable Music Necktie, Piano Mode and Animal Sound Mode, Touch Sensitive, 7 Built-in-melodies.

Musical Neck Tie-Saxophone

Musical Neck Tie-Saxophone Supplier in China Wholesales Musical Neck Tie-Saxophone, 7 Built-in-Melodies, Saxophone Mode, Melody Mode, Touch Sensitive.

Playable Musical Neck Tie

Playable Musical Neck Tie Manufacturer in China Wholesales Playable Musical Neck Tie, Piano Mode, Animal Sound Mode, 7 Built-in-Melodies, Touch Sensitive.