Touch Sensitive 

Touch Sensitive 

Music Neck Tie SLW930A
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Piano Tie Company in China Supplies Piano Tie, 8 Piano Keys, Touch Sensitive, to Improve Hand-eye Coordination, Musical Ability for Kids.

Double Sided Playmat

Double Sided Playmat Factory in China Supplies Double Sided Playmat, Electronic Playmat, 16 Different Realistic Sound Effects, Touch Sensitive Playmat.

Music Neck Tie SLW931D
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Music Neck Tie Company in China Provides Music Neck Tie, Saxophone, Melody Mode, Touch Sensitive, 7 Built-in-melodies, Piano Tie.

Hit Moles Console SLW910

Hit Moles Console Supplier in China Provides Hit Moles Console, Game Pad, 3 Levels to Select, Catch the Light & Challenge Your Mobility.

Music Neck Tie SLW931B
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Music Neck Tie Factory in China Wholesales Music Neck Tie, Piano, Animal Sound Mode, 7 Built-in-melodies, Touch Sensitive, for Hand-eye Coordination.

Goal Set Mat

Goal Set Mat Supplier in China Offers Goal Set Mat, Football Mat, Practice Mode & Game Mode, Wi-Fi Connection, Exciting Background Music, LED Score Board.

Animal Hopscotch Mat SLW959K
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Animal Hopscotch Mat Supplier in China Offers Animal Hopscotch Mat, Touch Sensitive, 2 Modes to Select, 8 Animal Sounds, 8 Demo Melodies.

Happy Farm Mat

Happy Farm Mat Factory in China Supplies Happy Farm Mat, 9 Animal Sounds, 2 Soothing Melodies, Blinking Lights, for Hand-eye Coordination.

Happy City Mat

Happy City Mat Company in China Supplies Happy City Mat, 8 Keys Buttons, 9 Realistic Sounds, Blinking Lights, Improving Kids Musical Ability.

Kick and Touch Music Mat SLW921

Kick and Touch Music Mat Company in China Supplies Kick and Touch Music Mat, 10 Demo Melodies, Piano Demo, Long Demo, Short Demo, Adjustable Volume.

Barbie Gigantic Keyboard Mat

Barbie Gigantic Keyboard Mat Factory in China Offers Barbie Gigantic Keyboard Mat, 4 Modes to Select, 8 Musical Instruments, Adjustable Volume.

Thomas & Friends Gigantic Keyboard Mat

Thomas & Friends Keyboard Mat Company in China Provides Thomas & Friends Gigantic Keyboard Mat, 8 Musical Instruments, 4 Modes to Select.


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