Gigantic Keyboard Mat SLW928
Gigantic Keyboard Mat SLW928
Gigantic Keyboard Mat SLW928
Gigantic Keyboard Mat SLW928
Gigantic Keyboard Mat SLW928
Gigantic Keyboard Mat SLW928
Gigantic Keyboard Mat SLW928

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Gigantic Keyboard Mat Factory in China Supplies Gigantic Keyboard Mat, Dance Mat, Record, Play Back, Demo, Play Modes, 8 Musical Instruments.
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Key Specifications / Features

Music is one of the great joys of childhood, and kids that learn music are proven to do better in skills like science and math. This Gigantic Keyboard Playmat makes learning music fun and exciting. You'll find that with this durable piano mat for kids, burgeoning musicians can't get enough as they experiment by stomping on loads of keys with realistic sounds! The piano mat for kids is a whopping of almost 6 feet across, and doesn't only feature piano, but lets you choose from 8 different built-in instruments, including guitar, saxophone, violin, and more! Its features allow kids to build-a-song, or just step to tap the keys and improvise music right on the spot. For those quieter home times, you can adjust the volume. The heavy duty piano mat is an ideal fun time activity for the entire family. The size of this unique keyboard mat can handle a number of kids and adults, and its heavy-duty vinyl construction means it will endure a lot of use. Inspire and enrich your child's life by giving them the Gigantic Piano Mat. This wild and fun device is a great gift for kids of any age from three and up.

Product Specifications:
  • Series: Instruments
  • Name: Gigantic Keyboard Playmat
  • Item Number: SLW928
  • Mat Size: 180 x 74 cm
  • Package Size: 86 x 8 x 40 cm
  • Battery: 4 x 1.5V “AA” (not included)
  • 4 modes to select: record, play back, DEMO, play
  • 8 musical instruments to change tone
  • Adjustable volume
  • Touch sensitive
  • Physical
  • Musical ability
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Sensory abilities
Note: the product is available for wholesale customers only. Please contact us for further details.

Video: Gigantic Keyboard Playmat

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