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Rainbow Foot Piano Mat
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Rainbow Foot Piano Mat Manufacturer in China Provides Rainbow Foot Piano Mat, Follow Me Memory Game, 8 Preprogrammed Tunes, 2 Modes Selection, 8 Keys.

Mini Drum Kit Mat
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Mini Drum Kit Mat Manufacturer in China Supplies Mini Drum Kit Mat, Music Mat, Built-in demo, Adjustable Volume, 8 Instrument Beating Areas, 2 Modes.

Foldable Music Storage Box

Foldable Music Storage Box Manufacturer in China Offers Foldable Music Storage Box, Music Mat, 5 Soothing Melodies, 8 Animals Sound, Double Side.

Grassland Piano Mat
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Grassland Piano Mat Supplier in China Offers Grassland Piano Mat, 8 Preprogrammed Tunes, Follow Me Memory Game, Piano Mode & Demo Mode, Touch Sensitive.

iDumz Mat
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iDumz Mat Producer in China wholesales iDumz Mat, MP3 Plug-in, 8 Instrument Beating Areas, Adjustable Volume, Touch Sensitive Drum Mat.

Gigantic Piano Mat, SLW968, Black & White

Piano Mat Company in China Supplies Gigantic Piano Mat, 4 Modes Selection, Adjustable Volume, 8 Musical Instruments, Black & White, Music Mat.

School Orchestra Piano Mat

School Orchestra Piano Mat Company in China Offers School Orchestra Piano Mat, 17 Keys, 7 Built-in-demos, Record Mode, Play Back Mode, Demo Mode, Play Mode.

Percussion Mixer Mat
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Percussion Mixer Mat Supplier in China Provides Percussion Mixer Mat, Drum Kit Mat, Free Mode, Music Mode, 9 Instruments, 4 Demo Melodies, MP3 Plug-in.

Animals Carnival Music Mat

Animals Carnival Music Mat Factory in China Offers Animals Carnival Music Mat, Demo Play, Learning Mode, 10 Built-in-demos, 10 Twinkling Lights.

Animals Dart Game Mat
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Animals Dart Game Mat Supplier in China Offers Animals Dart Game Mat, Shoot on Target & Challenge Your Accuracy, 3 Modes, LCD Display.

Electronic Keyboard Playmat SLW9718
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Electronic Keyboard Playmat Company in China Offers Electronic Keyboard Playmat, Karaoke with Microphone, 16 Instrument Sounds, Piano Mat.

Super Gigantic Keyboard Mat SLW988

Gigantic Keyboard Mat Supplier in China Provides Super Gigantic Keyboard Mat, Piano Mat, MP3 plug-in, 9 Instruments Tone, 5 Modes, Adjustable Volume.


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