Toys for babies with different ages

Toys for babies with different ages

As the baby grows up, it is best to choose different toys. Researches have shown that people's intellectual development follows a diminishing rule, which means that the younger the person is, the greater space for intellectual development becomes. Therefore, from 1 year old to 3 years old is the golden age for baby's intelligence. It is the best period of enlightenment for counting education, reading and knowing different things, and it is also the best period for coordinate ability. Therefore, the early education plays an important role in your baby's growth. Therefore, the toys you prepare for your baby must be novel. Animals and dolls with talking functions and various small musical instruments can make your baby have more fun. You can choose some educational toys such as building blocks, snow flakes, exploring toys, etc. to develop your baby's brain. The baby's cognitive ability is different in different ages. The use of suitable toys is more helpful to the baby than instilling knowledge into the baby's mind. It is suggested that parents should choose audiovisual toys for babies who are from one to three month old. Grasping toys with sounds should be selected for babies who are from four to six month old.

Beating toys and mobile toys should be chosen for babies who are from seven to nine month old. Parents need to pay attention to quality of toys when choosing toys. Toys made of some inferior plastic can cause skin allergies for the baby after the baby is in frequent contact with the inferior toy, which will cause damage to the baby's upper respiratory tract, nervous system, etc. Therefore, parents must buy educational toys with quality assurance. Musical toys can develop musicality for children.

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