Hello Kitty Mat

Hello Kitty Mat

The summer is coming and the cute Hello Kitty is also clamoring for a merry concert. The mat created by Sunlin and Hello Kitty together has been launched in American in 2017.

Hello Kitty, the famous cartoon star, is an English girl designed by the Japanese Sanrio company. She was born in 1974 and she likes pink. She hopes to be great poet and pianist when she grows up.

Hello Kitty was endowed with the British descent, because the British culture was popular with the Japanese girl. Kitty's name comes from a cat kept by Alice in the book Through the Looking Glass which was written by Lewis Carroll. In 1999, Daniel, the boyfriend of Hello Kitty was created, and the inspiration came from the movie Melody.

Hello Kitty's fictional world includes a lot of friends and family members. Since 2004, she also has had a Persian cat that she calls Charmmy Kitty and a pet hamster called Sugar. Charmmy is much like Hello Kitty, but more like a cat. Hello Kitty is a cute girl, not a cat.

This lovely girl has made more and more children like her with her lovely smiles in the past three decades, and now she has become the most faithful playmate for lots of kids. When a generation of girls become mothers, they will still keep loving the little girl-Hello Kitty, just like their daughters.

Nowadays, the distinctive image of Hello Kitty has appeared on about 22,000 different kinds of products which sell well among more than 40 countries.

With the lovely image of Kitty, the mat has gained a lot of popularity among little girls and boys. 

Though this mat is currently only put on the US market, perhaps it will meet with you on the Chinese market soon. Do you want to have such a lovely mat?

Don't worry if you can't buy it right now. Sunlin also has mats with lots of other cute cartoon images. 

Currently, Sunlin is the only authorized mat distributor of Barbie and Thomas & Friends in China.

You can have the super cute cartoon mat at once. Enjoy this summer with Sunlin Toys!

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