Taking A Time Machine to Return to the Dreamy Childhood

Taking A Time Machine to Return to the Dreamy Childhood

Let's take a time machine with Doraemon to return to the dreamy childhood. 

Children's Day is not a festival only for children, but for "big kids" as well. In the memory of most 80's generation, it is hard to forget the familiar and bright theme song of Doraemon. 

I still remember, as a child, when I was watching Doraemon, I was desire to have a omnipotent Doraemon. Doraemon can always take out all kinds of visionary props from his pocket to help Nobita. According to the statistics from authoritative professors, in the cartoon version of Doraemon, there are more than 1963 props, and there are more than 2000 if those appearing in the animated version are included. 

Recently, a Japanese television program separately surveyed children around 10 years old and adults around 35 years old about what kind of props they prefer in the pocket of Doraemon. 

Whether adults or children, the most desired prop must be the Random Door.

In the latest Doraemon animation film series, Doraemon wants to build an ice and snow park, and then what kind of new props will appear?

Actually, these props are not collected in the Doraemon's pocket but are purchased from the future department store. Some of these visionary props have already appeared in the 21st century. Let's have a look. 

Bamboo-copters  One-man flight vehicles
Wristwatch radios  Smart watches
Home service robots  Robot cleaners
Memory projectors  Google project glasses
Scenic blades  Camera phones plus printers
Unmanned spacecrafts  Aerial cameras
Robot cars  Driverless cars
There is one more "invention" which has a big impact on us not mentioned yet, that is, "moments".

Is it very interesting?
If you have any interest in the inventions, you can review the animation.
When I was reviewing the animation, I found out a magic prop, that is, "the reversal magic flute".
If you have owned this, will it be easier to be parents?

However, it is better to accompany your children than manipulate them.
The happiest thing for children is to play with their parents.
On this vacation, please enter the music mat world of SUNLIN with your kids! 

A childhood with SUNLIN TOYS is a happy childhood.

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