Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo

Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo

An invitation to Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo from Sunlin Toys

Sunlin Toys will participate in Indonesia's most professional trade show, that is Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo.
Indonesia is a paradise for holidaymakers; meanwhile, it is also the largest economy in the Southeast Asia and the largest member state of ASEAN; Indonesia has the fourth largest population of the world and the bright market prospect. As the capital and the largest city of Indonesia, Jakarta is the country's economic center; Jakarta's economies focus on fiance and it has the largest financial and major industrial and commercial institutions.
At present, China, the United States and Japan are the main sources of imports for Indonesian toys, infant and children products. With continual improvement and upgrades of Chinese toys, infant and children products' product designs, technologies, innovation, quality and brands, coupled with competitive prices, the market shares of China' toys, infant and children products in Indonesia will gradually increase, which is the best opportunity for Chinese enterprises to develop the Indonesian market. Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo is the most professional trade exhibition in Indonesia.

Exhibition Time: From August 23rd to 25th, 2017
Exhibition Address: Jakarta International Exhibition Center
Booth Number: B18-19

Product Ranges
1.Toys and game products
Educational toys, stuffed toys, wooden toys, electronic mats, electronic and remote control toys, model toys, etc.
2. Infant and children products
Baby strollers, safety seats, baby walkers, high chairs, monitoring devices, wet tissues, diapers, pacifiers, nursing bottles, etc.
3. Infant fashion products
Baby clothes, children's clothing, bibs, pockets, skirts, children's shoes, sleeping bags, socks, etc. 

In this show, Sunlin Toys will bring two licensed products (Barbie Mats and Thomas & Friends Mats) and Sunlin's self-owned brand Zippy Mats to Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo. Sunlin Toys is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Barbie and Thomas electronic playmats in Indonesia.

Sunlin Toys has been devoting itself to designs and manufacture of children's toys and creating an international mat empire by high quality mat products, perfect services as well as cooperation and win-win business philosophy over the years. It is believed that this exhibition will also bring different experiences to exhibitors.

Indonesia International Toys & Kids ExpoIndonesia International Toys & Kids Expo

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