The very first experience of Sunlin Toys and Jakarta, Indonesia

The very first experience of Sunlin Toys and Jakarta, Indonesia

The three-day Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo ended perfectly today. This time, Sunlin Toys displayed its own brand Zippy Mat and two authorized brand products at the B18-19 booth. 

It is reported that the Expo was strongly supported by the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, the Indonesian Toy Association, the Indonesian Electronic Security Association and the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Sunlin was strongly supported by Indonesian ACE, HERO, JD Indonesia and the other 22 large buyers. Furthermore, 90 on-site sourcing events were held.
Sunlin Toys also tried the very first overseas licensing, officially cooperating with Indonesia's largest chain toy store "Toys Kingdom". Now you can find the new Sunlin toys at any "Toys Kingdom" store in Indonesia. Sunlin Toys is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Barbie and Thomas' electronic mat in Indonesia.

What will Sunlin Toys bring us? Please be looking forward to it. 

To know about the latest trends of the new toys and the development of global toys.

Get the super cute cartoon mat immediately and have fun with Sunlin Toys for the summertime! 

To the wonderland of Sunlin Toys.

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