The most fasionable My Little Pony Playmats are coming

Sun Lin with Pony, the Most Fashionable My Little Pony Playmats Are Coming!

My Little Pony is a kind of toy that Hasbro American company launched in 1983, and becomes very popular. In 2010, the cartoons, which can even be called big movies, with horses as protagonists were broadcasted in the American television channels, and developed a series of related products.

The animation tells the story of a pony called Twilight Sparkle, who loves learning but ignores the other important things. So, her mentor Princess Celestia sent her along with her assistant Spike to the pony valley to learn "friendship magic" knowledge. In the process of learning and living, she became friends with Rarity who loves beauty, brave Rainbow Dash, shy Fluttershy, optimistic Pinkie Pie and honest Apple Jack. They help and care about each other, and there are a series of interesting stories happened in the pony valley. Sometimes, there would be conflicts, but they were perfectly solved always, and friendship of ponies was deepen in the fantastic journey.

Each pony in the animation represents one of the five elements of harmony: honesty, generosity, loyalty, kindness as well as magic, and each of them plays an important role.

As a children's toys enterprise, Sun Lin has the same belief of corporate social responsibility as Hasbro has. Sun Lin Toys is committed to providing "safe and environmentally friendly, healthy and happy" products, and adheres to the implementation of rigorous and excellent management spirit, ensuring the good developement of infants and young children both in mind and body. This time, Sun Lin Toys will join up with My Little Pony that is subordinated to American enterprise Hasbro to release My Little Pony Playmats, and they will appear on the US market in 2017.

Which pony do you think you are like? Come and tell me about it!
This product is currently only put on the US market. If you are not able to buy it, please don't worry. Sun Lin also has other original super cute cartoon figures for you! Have super cute cartoon playmat immediately and have a happy summer with Sun Lin!

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