Sun Lin launched Zippy Mat Foot Print Music Mat in early 2017

Sun Lin launched Zippy Mat Foot Print Music Mat in early 2017

Sun Lin launched Zippy Mat Foot Print Music Mat in early 2017. The detailed information of Foot Print Music Mat is as follows:
Product Specifications
Brand: Zippy Mat.
Name: Foot Print Music Mat.
Item Number: SLW9829
Mat Size: 138 x 59 cm
Package Size: 47 x 7.5 x 33 cm

Features of Foot Print Music Mat
1. Animal Cognition 
There are seven different animal patterns on the music mats. When babies touch the animal buttons, they will make corresponding animal sounds. And when babies step on the music mats, the LED lights on the control boxes will blink.

2. Color Cognition
There are abundant colors on Foot Print Music Mat, which can cultivate color cognition for your babies. 

3. Twelve Foot Prints
There are 12 foot prints for babies to step on, and each foot print represents one sound effect. When your babies are walking on the must mats, the LED lights on the control boxes will blink as well.

4. Babies' Songs
You can press DEMO on the music mat to play or change babies' songs(six songs in total)

5. Safety Design
The materials we used are safe, environmentally friendly and toxic-free. LED soft lights can protect babies' eyesight and pure sound effects can protect babies' hearing.

Advantages of the products
1. There are no sharp edges and corners on the music mats, which accord with safety standards of European and American countries and regions and are toxic free and environmentally friendly.

2. The products are foldable, which can be put into the boxes and do not take up space when they are not used. 

3. They are a kind of touch sensitive play mats, which are different from regular physical buttons.

4. They can be played by hands or feet. And they can improve babies' coordination, build up babies' bodies as well as improve their motor functions.

5. The music mats are toxic-free and environmentally friendly. The function boxes are made from engineering ABS plastic, which have advantages of tasteless, impact resistance, wear resistance, broken resistance and being non-toxic. The surfaces of music play mats are printed with environmentally friendly ink, which are non-toxic, tasteless, safe, environmental and hygeian. And the music play mats are made from PE environmentally friendly materials. 

6. The backs of the music play mats are designed with mesh surfaces and are skidproof, which have advantages of good skid resistance, toughness, impact resistance and folding resistance.

7. These music play mats have advantages of being played with more than one person, strong interaction and cultivating babies' EQ.

Zippy Mat Foot Print Music Mat Foot Print Music Mat

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