Sun Lin Is Going to Release Barbie Music Playmat

The Most Exciting News for Girls, Sun Lin Is Going to Make Your Princess Barbie Dreams Come True!

The world's famous Barbie has become a representative for dolls since its launch in 1959. Today,“Barbies”are not just simple toys to millions and millions of girls any more. They are also girls' dreams.

Barbie is almost 60 years old this year. Though her designer whose name is Ruth Handler has passed away, she still has a baby face. For half a century, Barbie has accompanied girls from generation after generation.

Princess Barbie
In 2001, Barbie stopped being quiet and suddenly became active. Barbie who had been the dreams for millions of girls officially joined moviedom and launched her debut cartoon "Barbie in the Nutcracker". She played the heroine whose name is Clara in the cartoon and received an exquisite birthday gift-Nutcracker from Aunt Elizabeth. When she fell asleep that night, the evil Mouse King tried to break into her living room and cast a terrible spell on her. But he was finally defeated by Barbie and Nutcracker, which was a happy ending.

There are many series of Barbie's movies(cartoons) with different release time, including fairy tale princess series, fairy series, modern series, holiday series.

Besides having beautiful appearance, graceful figure and quiet face, Barbie has experienced more than 150 kinds of occupations so far. Star, athlete, stewardess or engineer, Barbie can easily handle them.

As a fashionista, the most important thing is to have a big wardrobe. Barbie's wardrobe is definitely big enough to open a mall. How many kinds of daily dress does Barbie have? The only thing that i knows is that her wardrobe now has 1 billion costumes. And each year she still has more than 100 new costumes. I want to be like Princess Barbie!

When you see these, are you intended to become Barbie Princess? All of you Barbie fans are blessed, because Sun Lin toys along with Barbie launched A Piano Playmat. Whether you are proud or cute, you will not say no to the playmat.

The first playmat with Barbie will make people fall in love at the first sight. Princess Barbie with beautiful figure coupled with the wonderful keyboard playmat of Sun Lin's.
Sweet yet with texture, Barbie playmat completely wins the heart of a maiden. Dancing on the music mat, isn't that Princess Barbie herself? For Barbie fans, it is really just three words-buy, buy, buy.

Though this playmat is currently only put on the US market, perhaps it will meet you on the Chinese market soon. Barbie fans, please don not be disappointed! Sun Lin toys also has many Barbie series of products, which can make you very excited.

Princess Barbie invites you to enter the wonderful world with Sun Lin toys!
Barbie Play Mat

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